Chanda is passionate about writing. She has authored a range of guides to accompany her films, as well as blogs and columns about documentary filmmaking.


The roadmap to creative distribution

A practical guide for independent filmmakers who are looking to have more control over and success with the distribution of their films. Published by the Documentary Organization of Canada, Canada’s professional association for documentary filmmakers.

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“chanda chevannes, on making unfractured, activism and refusing to play the part”, The female gaze by american women film journalists

A guest post about overcoming fear through the process of making an observational documentary film.

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Documentary column, troy media

A column that introduces readers to a different documentary each month: its story, its themes, and its merit— and then takes us deeper, revealing an insider’s perspective on the creative, practical, and political issues facing the Canadian documentary film industry.

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living Downstream Guides

Three comprehensive guides to help viewers make use of Living Downstream in their lives and their work. Living Downstream ~ In the Classroom is an interdisciplinary guide for university, college, and high school educators. Living Downstream ~ In the Community is a comprehensive guide for activists, nonprofits, and community groups using the film as a catalyst for change. Living Downstream ~ At Home is a quick reference guide for individuals and families.

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A Tale of Two nursing mothers, on the issues magazine

A 1500-word personal essay reflecting on the author’s twin identities as documentary filmmaker and breastfeeding mother.

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adventures in outreach

Chanda's blog about her experiences while working to get the word out about Living Downstream. Chanda has three simple goals: to ensure that the film is seen, used, and has an impact. Join Chanda on her adventures in outreach as she tries to realize these goals.

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